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Uncompromised Service 

You'll likely receive many unsolicited calls and letters from private equity firms and corporations expressing an interest in acquiring your business. However, it is often difficult to differentiate among would-be buyers and determine which buyers would be most likely to pay the maximum amount for your business. Our free-fee, pressure-free, completely confidential buyer search offering is a novel approach to helping you identify the prospective buyers worth considering. Unique among investment banks, Next Level Business Advisors has contracted relationships with nearly 200 private equity firms and 5,200 strategic buyers. Our mission is to identify, assess and present buyout opportunities that meet their criteria. 

​A process that involves no strain and no obligation for you

If you are considering selling, we would spend time getting acquainted with your company before presenting you with the names of several members of our client base that are the most logical buyers or investors for your business.  Since our fee is contingent upon a successful transaction, we have the same incentive as yourself, to bring you the best buyers possible (i.e., logical industry fit, ample funding, the ability to close a deal in a timely manner, and a high-caliber management team). We are also driven to obtain the highest price possible, since our fee is based on the dollar value of the deal.

A proprietary database of no-nonsense, experienced buyers

We know our roster of buy-side clients exceedingly well and maintain a comprehensive database of their holdings, capital resources, industry preferences and investment criteria. This, in addition to our deal experience with them, allows us to effectively identify the strongest buyers or investors for your business. Often, the most plausible buyers are those with existing holdings for which your company could be an attractive add-on acquisition. However, some business owners do not want companies in the same industry (perhaps competitors) to know that their company may be for sale. We understand and honor these wishes and do not consider such buyers in these circumstances. In all cases, we will not reveal your company name to anyone without your approval.

A Comprehensive Search Process Geared Toward Closing the Deal
Our no-fee buyer search process entails the following steps:

​1. Discuss your goals and the particulars of your business and review your last three years' financial statements.

2.  Match your business against the industry, size, financial metrics and other criteria of the 200 private equity firms and 5,400 corporate buyers in our client base to determine the most suitable and attractive potential buyers or investors.

3.  Identify the firms we think are a logical fit, before you give us approval to present your company to them.

4.  Protect your information by obtaining a signed non-disclosure agreement from the buyers, after which we identify your company and share financials.

5. Facilitate review of your business. By learning about your company early in the process, we save you time by answering many of the potential buyer's initial questions without your involvement. We bring you in only when the buyer wishes to seriously explore an acquisition or investment after they have assessed the initial information.

6.  Continue to serve as a valued intermediary during the offer and due diligence phases.

7.  Assist as appropriate with the final close of the transaction.